Working with Couzo

Whether it’s business, finance (accountancy) or marketing support that you need, Couzo’s experienced freelance duo provide professional, affordable and reliable services when you need them – on a project, contract or retainer basis.

We define ‘projects’ as anything with a specific/defined outcome or goal that you need within a specific timescale. Things such as new websites, individual copy/content writing jobs, brand/strategy work etc.

A ‘contract’ usually has more loosely defined goals/outcomes than a project, and is best when you need to utilise a particular skill set on things for a set period of time. If you just need a pair of expert hands on board for a specific length of time, this is likely for you.

Retainers will get you a defined number of hours/days every month (or quarter) to pick up any smaller tasks that you need doing from time to time, but just don’t have for. Website/social media audits, spreadsheet wizardry, or just an expert at the end of the phone when you need them.

We also offer ad hoc ‘Power Hours‘ – blocks of focused time that can be booked out to answer any specific questions/queries, guide you through any systems setup or training, on indeed any other shorter 1-2-1 consultancy or support you may need.

If you’re not sure which option is right for you, we’ll help you understand the options and define your requirements.

We’ll always do what we can to meet your needs – even if that means agreeing on a complete change of scope – as we know how fast priorities can change in today’s modern businesses (we know because we’ve been there ourselves!)

We tell it like it is and believe open, transparent straight-talking is the best way to build and sustain relationships. Importantly, we believe in putting our clients first and doing the right thing at all times.

We ask lots of questions, and ‘Why?’ is our favourite. We’re not afraid to challenge the status quo and will look to explore all the options to find the right solution, or to tackle things outside of our comfort zone.

We adopt lean, ‘progress over perfection‘ approaches that deliver necessary quick wins, and enable clients to reach their long-term goals through continuous improvement and flexible strategies.

Being committed to putting our customers first also means we’re not afraid to say “No” or to suggest alternative solutions when we feel that something isn’t quite right – so you can feel safe in the knowledge that everything we say or do is in your best interests.

Want to know more?

Great – just send us a few details and we’ll either arrange a time for a quick chat, or send you some additional info.